We teach bariatric patients to thrive in their new life after surgery


Our approach to bariatric health and wellness is a little different...

Personal Coaching
We have no interest in forcing you into a cookie-cutter box. Instead we’ll guide you to pave your own path. Master this and start living your life.

No Fad Diets
We forbid giving in to fad diets, quick fixes and developing “Shiny Things” syndrome - these lead to burnout, unhappiness and a short-term results mindest.

Real Science
We always use scientifically backed research and consult with advisors for everything we create. Information is like nutrition, there’s both healthy and harmful stuff out there.

Surgery and nutritional supplements are a mere fraction of what determines your success after surgery.

What do we know about life after bariatric surgery?

You may recognize us as the team behind Bari Life. Never heard of us? Bari Life is a supplement company that is committed to serving the unique nutritional needs of bariatric patients.

Bari Life was born at New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery, a bariatric center of excellence, when its founder, Dr. Stephen Boyce, realized his patients were developing vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Using his experience from performing over 7,000 bariatric surgical procedures he decided to do something about it.

Meet The Team


Dr. Stephen Boyce, MD Bariatric Surgeon


Ciara House MS, RD, LDN Registered Dietitian


Dr. Cynthia Alexander, PsyD Psychologist

Exercise Physiologist

Morgan Thomas MS, CSS, CES Exercise Physiologist

Our Mission

There’s a lot more to post-op life than just vitamins.

We’ve had the chance to speak face-to-face with thousands of bariatric patients and learn the practical issues keeping them from thriving after their surgery.

Our goal is to help you use your surgery as a permanent turning point.

We focus on:

  • MINDSET: The mental side of things and how to stay focused on lifestyle change
  • MANAGEMENT: Overcoming mental hunger so you can stay on track
  • MOTIVATION: Finding the motivation and time to exercise while balancing your life
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Every time we spoke with a patient 98% of the time was spent talking other facets of bariatric surgery and the remaining 2% on vitamins. We’d listen, understand and try to be supportive, but we couldn’t truly help…


That’s why we created BARIVANA. We brought together the minds of different bariatric professionals to curate actionable resources to remedy this issue.


Professionals like:

  • Masters Level Dietitians
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Masters Level Exercise Physiologists
  • Surgeons
  • Clinical Psychologists

The Purpose

We’ve discovered that most bariatric patients like you have not completed their training. Why?

It wasn’t available to them!

The typical lifecycle for a bariatric patient is:

  • Have a consult with a surgeon
  • Schedule Surgery
  • Speak with a Dietitian
  • Have surgery
  • Wake up from surgery
  • Get released into the wild

Bariatric practices do not have the time or the resources to complete the lifecycle for you even if they wanted to. This is horrible because your results are not actually determined by the surgery, they are driven by what you do after the surgery.

That’s where BARIVANA steps in – we are here to pick up where your surgery center left off. They did an amazing job giving you the tool you need — bariatric surgery — and now we will teach you how to use it.

Our purpose is to give you the information and show you the steps to take that will bring you well past the finish line…

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