Post-Op Prosperity

Bariatric surgery is simply a tool.

We teach you how to use it.


A complete step-by-step roadmap for post-bariatric surgery success.

Learn the skills to become a bariatric success story and end the battle with weight regain and plateaus once and for all.

The BARIVANA 30 Day Transformation will:

  • Help you refocus and get back on track with your good eating and exercise habits
  • Reverse weight you’ve regained after the “honeymoon phase”
  • Push you past your weight loss plateau so you can finally reach your goal weight
  • Help you maintain your healthy body weight without “yo-yoing” up and down
  • Give you the motivation, support and tools you need to succeed

It's coaching + accountability + learning

Online courses are great, but they’re missing a personal element. That’s exactly what you get with the BARIVANA 30 Day Transformation program.

You learn the fundamentals through the online course, but then you get feedback and accountability from our Bariatric Dietitian and your fellow members while you practice. This positive feedback loop is what will accelerate your progress and confidence while you work towards lifelong weight maintenance.

They did it. You can, too.

By applying the principles our team used to develop the program, their patients have surpassed anything they thought was possible:


– Bari Life Customer

“I had gained over 200lbs. The life I loved to live, doing certain things with my family, son, and friends, riding roller coasters, and even my dreams of moving to the fireside of emergency operation were gone.

I was missing out on the dream of what I wanted my life to be.

I’m able to do things with my son I couldn’t before. Basically, EXPERIENCE LIFE AGAIN!!!!!! I also achieved my dream career, I’m now a professional Firefighter. I don’t call it a job, because it’s not.”


– Bari Life Customer

“My life is so much better now. I have found a passion for working out. I love to run, walk, and take HIIT classes. I am able to do more physically with my nieces and nephews that I couldn’t do before. This surgery has given me a new lease on life.”


– Bari Life Customer

“Since I’ve lost 123 lbs, I have no more pain in my feet, my back feels better so hopefully I won’t need that operation. I can move and be active again. I feel so much more like myself again!.”

G. Lovejoy

– Bari Life Customer

“They call it a journey and it really is. With each pound I lost my body was healing. Immediately l was off insulin and eight other drugs with bad side effects. It was great to be able to buy clothes off the rack. Going From a 54in. Waist to a 40in and still going down…I’m looking forward to continue with my journey.”

Bari Life Customer

“I follow the diet and exercise plan to the letter. I take my vitamins and eat and exercise daily as instructed. I’ve heard the surgery is the easy way out but my Weight loss has been slow and steady.

It is a tool and if used correctly will do wonders for your health and your life. I had my surgery October 17, 2017 and it has saved my life. I remember Dr Boyce telling me I’m going to give you the tool but you have to do the work. I can never thank him enough. 🥰🥰🥰

Created by a team of bariatric professionals


Dr. Stephen Boyce, MD Bariatric Surgeon


Ciara House MS, RD, LDN Registered Dietitian


Dr. Cynthia Alexander, PsyD Psychologist

Exercise Physiologist

Morgan Thomas MS, CSS, CES Exercise Physiologist

As Seen In

Here's why others decided to join:

“To learn what to do and not to do after the first year. Long term has always been a struggle for me. I can do anything for a time, but when I stop it all floods back. I need tips and tools of how to do this for the rest of my life, Long term goals.”

  • Leslie S.

“I hope to loose the last 50lbs and the small regain that I had recently and hopefully get out of the same type of depression I had prior to the surgery.”

  •  Jaime H.

I have failed so many times, pre and post surgery. I need to do something that will change my life and I am having health issues, I.e. high blood pressure, diabetes, that I need to resolve. I also want to look good again!!!!

  •  Jennifer L.

“Now that the new has worn off life is back to “normal” what and where do I go from here. I see the weight loss has stopped and I have gained some back , how do I get back on track?”

  • Ailyne B. 

“I need help getting back to where I was two years ago. I maintained my weight loss for 8 years. In the last two years I have gained back 40 pounds. I can really feel it in my joints and overall health.”

  • Janice R.

“well, it was not a no brainer – i put a lot of thought into it before i purchased. I want to halt the regain and need the accountability to get back on track”

  • Carol S.

So why would you join?

It’s not simply about losing weight…it’s about reclaiming your life.

The 30 Day Transformation Program aims to help you regain your freedom, and keep it for the rest of your life. 

If you’ve ever experienced a weight gain of even 10 lbs, you might be a perfect match for the 30 Day Transformation Program. 

30 Day Transformation Program came about when the team noticed a large number of bariatric patients regaining weight around the 6 or 12-month mark after the “Honeymoon Period” of weight loss. 

After countless meetings with these patients and getting them back on track, it was concluded the solution was to give people post-op advice and training so they don’t get off track.

BARIVANA gives you the results you need

“It’s not a matter of if you slip up, it’s a matter of when you slip up. This prepares you to handle that.”

The unfortunate truth is, while bariatric surgery is an incredible tool to help patients lose weight, it simply cannot do all the work that it takes to reach goal weight and stay there.

You didn’t have bariatric surgery for a quick fix, you made this life decision because it was the first step towards seizing control of your health.

So many weight loss programs focus on “jump-starting” or “resetting.” The 30 Day Transformation course helps you get started, but it heavily emphasizes how to sustainably reach your goal weight so that you can repeat the process over and over and over again.

We break this down into three critical pillars. Each one is dependent on the other. Without all three it’s very difficult to sustain weight loss.

The three pillars to Bariatric Success


How to get your mind to do what you need to do. Get this part right and the rest becomes amazingly possible.


Losing weight is impossible without successfully managing the “calories in” part of the equation. We teach you how to effortlessly hit your numbers.


Maintaining Lean Body Mass is critical to maintaining functional movement, and exercise adds to the “calories out” part of the equation.

Meet your instructors

Dr. Cynthia Alexander - Psychology

Dr. Alexander is a clinical psychologist and has worked with thousands of bariatric patients, both before and after surgery as part of the Cleveland Clinic Bariatric program.

She is the author of “The Emotional First Aid Kit, A Practical Guide to Life After Bariatric Surgery.” The book is recommended by many bariatric programs and insurance companies to help patients find success after surgery.

Ciara House, Ciara Csanadi House, MS, RD, LDN

Ciara is a licensed Registered Dietitian and a State of Tennessee licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist and has been specialized in bariatrics since 2013.

Ciara also has years of experience in the health and wellness field, having worked as a collegiate sports dietitian and one-on-one with athletes of all ages.

Ciara has found her niche counseling bariatric patients on the importance of behavior modification and lifestyle changes to be successful with weight loss and find a healthier, happier life.

Morgan Thomas MS, CSS, CES - Exercise

Morgan has extensive experience with guiding bariatric patients to build strength and functional movement after surgery and has worked in many areas of exercise science and collegiate strength and conditioning.

She is a Certified Speed Specialist (CSS) through the National Association of Speed and Explosion (NASE), as well as a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Her theory is to increase fitness levels in the shortest amount of time so you can reach your goal while enjoying the process.

The 30 Day Transformation Challenge program is both an online course & coaching program. This means you learn the basics from the online course, but then you get to practice and get live feedback from bariatric professionals.

Coaching not only gives you confidence and accountability, but it also accelerates your learning and results.

More specifically, here’s how THE COURSE works:

Module 1: Psychology

You probably already know what you “need to do.” Your psychology is what gets you to actually do it. You’ll learn:

  • How to stick to your healthy diet long-term
  • How to stick to your exercise program that enhances your lifestyle
  • How to control your negative self-talk and end self-sabotage

Module 2: Nutrition

Nutrition doesn’t need to be complicated – you’ll learn the absolute basics that give you the results you need. Skills like:

  • How to read any food label and determine if it’s a healthy food or not within seconds
  • How to eat at restaurants without blowing your diet
  • How to eat the way your dietitian wants you to eat without hating it


Module 3: Exercise

It’s possible to lose weight without exercise, but it’s nearly impossible to keep it off without it. Exercise should enhance your life and that’s exactly what we teach. Not only do you get a full made-for-you program, but we’ll teach you priceless things like:

  • How to work around physical limitations – you can always do something
  • How to use the F.I.IT.T. principle to guide you on how hard and how long you should exercise
  • How to eat the way your dietitian wants you to eat without hating it

Coaching & Community Support

You’ll learn everything you need to know about losing weight, exercising and enjoying the process through the course. But you need time to practice what you learned and get feedback to accelerate your success. That’s what you get with coaching. Specifically, here’s how coaching works:

  • Four live weekly group coaching Zoom calls with our Bariatric Dietitian – get specific answers to your specific questions
  • Join the exclusive online group coaching community where you can post questions and get answers from dietitians
  • Stay accountable with your fellow members – you work harder when others are watching!

The coaching & community is the most powerful part of the program

Bari Life Community
Private and secure online support group with a professional dietitian
Group Dietitian Coaching (1)
Weekly live group coaching sessions with a professional dietitian

From the time you sign up to the time you finish the program you have support to pull you through. With weekly live calls with a professional dietitian and support throughout the week in the online support group you’re never along or wondering what to do.

We give you the answers to the health and weight loss questions you have.


The modules and lessons are about teaching you skills, the bonuses are tools to make it easier to put your new knowledge into effect. You get immediate access to all of these amazing bonuses when you sign up.

BONUS #1: Exclusive group coaching online community

Weekly Live Group Coaching

Online Group Coaching
  • Weekly live group Zoom coaching calls with our bariatric dietitian
  • Ask your specific questions and get specific answers
  • Stay accountable and get the help you need to smash your health and weight loss goals

Online Support Group & Coaching

  • Private and secure online community support
  • Ask questions and get answers from our Bariatric Dietitan in between Live Office Hours
  • Stay accountable with your fellow challenge members

BONUS #2: BARIVANA Exercise Library

  • Full access to the BARIVANA Exercise Library
  • Main movements PLUS variations for a wide range of difficulty levels so you can work around any limitation
  • Works seamlessly with the 3 Phase Training Framework for simple assembly of your own personalized workout program

BONUS #3: The Bariatric Chef Cookbook

The Bariatric Chef Final Cover
Meal Plans Image

The Bariatric Chef is a special cookbook designed for bariatric surgery patients. It contains 100 healthy and delicious recipes designed specifically to meet the needs of bariatric surgery patients.

The Bariatric Chef Cook Book Contains 100 Dietitian Created Recipes Including:

  • 1-off recipes
  • Quick on-the-go recipes
  • Bulk cooking recipes
  • Breakfast recipes
  • Lunch recipes
  • Dinner recipes
  • Dessert recipes
  • Shake recipes
  • Snack recipes

BONUS #4: Pre-Calculated Meal Plans

Meal Plan Product Image

Knowing how to form your own balanced meal plans is hard — that’s why we packaged sample meal plans for:

  • 1,200 Calories
  • 1,400 Calories
  • 1,600 Calories
  • 1,800 Calories

All of these meal plans were created and tested by dietitians. They are also:

  • Balanced for macronutrients.
  • Balanced for calories.
  • Easy to prepare.

We’ve done the math so you don’t have to. Just download the meal plans and follow along to hit your calorie goal perfectly every single time.

BONUS #5: Done-for-you 12 Week Training Program

3 Phase Workouts - Samples
Your sample 3-Phase Workout Sheets are ready to go "Out of the Box"

BONUS #6: INSTANT ACCESS to the BARIVANA 30 Day Exercise Challenge

30 Day Home Exercise Challenge Featured Image
A ready-to-go 30 day workout challenge

An online exercise challenge designed for bariatric patients that need a step-by-step roadmap to develop a regular exercise habit – that can be done from the comfort of your own home.

After working with 1,000's of patients...

...we understand that psychology is one of the biggest factors for sustainable weight loss

Most of us know what we are supposed to do in order to lose weight and stay healthy. So why aren’t we doing those things? There’s a disconnect between what we know and what we actually do. The answer is not how many calories to eat or what exercises to do, but it’s what goes on inside your own head.

Psychology is the missing link...

It’s what causes successful weight loss or weight regain. Without it, no amount of information or learning can move the needle. Psychology is the invisible facet to post-op life that’s in charge of things like:

  • Struggling with emotional eating
  • Falling back into old habits
  • Dealing with the frustration of weight loss plateaus
  • How to stay focused on lifestyle change

That’s why we place such a heavy emphasis on Psychology.


“Finally something that focuses on the PSYCHOLOGY! I've struggled with emotional eating, and this was a great course on getting back to basics.”​

It all starts with Psychology, without it everything else is an uphill battle.

media stack 30 day challenge

30 Day Transformation Program

Get started today for only one payment of:



Total Value: $1,425

The Complete Guide to Eliminating Weight Regain & Getting Back On Track

4 Live weekly group coaching calls with a bariatric dietitian

4.5+ Hours of on-demand course lessons

Instant Community Access with a Dietitian Coach Moderator

Accountability from your fellow members

The Bariatric Chef cookbook – 100 bariatric friendly recipes

Pre-calculated meal plans with shopping list

Pre-made exercise plans

Full exercise video library

Ready-to-use workout logs

Recording library of live group exercise classes

BARIVANA Kickstart – 30 Day Home Challenge

Lifetime access to the full program & bonuses 

Backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

30 day guarantee

We are so confident in our ability to blow you away with our world-class service that we offer an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee. If you get to the end of this program and you feel as though you did not get the level of service that was equal or superior to the investment you put in financially, we’ll refund your sign-up fee.

Your results matter. All we ask is that you do the work: do the online course show up to the live coaching sessions and give it your best effort. If, after the 30 day program you’re not thrilled we’ll refund your money. No problem.

Best-case scenario, we change your life; worst case, you got counseling, workouts, templates, meal plans everything that comes with the program for free. You have no risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry about falling behind — each video is distilled down to just the “bite-sized” essentials and includes specific examples so you can spend your time taking action instead of reviewing tons of content

Post-Op Prosperity also comes with lifetime access so you can take a break from the material if you’ll be out of town, on vacation, or just get swamped for a few days. You’ll have this resource for life. It will always be there when you’re ready.

The last thing we need is another thing to juggle. The 30 Day Transformation program isn’t another set of to-dos you’ll have to force yourself to find extra time for. It’s not a band-aid or a quick fix.

It’s a condensed, at-your-own-pace, transformational program that will show you how to develop deep psychological strength and the peak performance that goes with it.

We recommend spending at least 5 hours a week on this course for maximum benefit. 5 hours is our guideline, but because it comes with lifetime access, you can go faster or slower if you want.

Including the Coaching, the entire program is 30 days. However, you’ll gain access to the course itself immediately. We recommend watching at least one video per day and with lifetime access you can revisit them whenever you like (and you should).

Upon purchase of the program, you will have access to the Private Online Support Group. Once inside you can ask any questions from current members, but one of our BARIVANA Guides will be moderating the whole group to make sure everyone is on track. Any question you ask related to the course can be addressed.

Of course! The program is built for post-op bariatric patients. Period. We believe everyone can do something to enhance their lives and one of the big areas we wanted to address was physical limitations. We go into great detail how to work around aches, pains and other limitations like osteoarthritis, arthritis and other joint issues.

This program is unique in a few different ways. To start, it’s geared entirely to bariatric patients. This isn’t just a weight loss program where we are trying to tap into a new market like “bariatrics.” Our team’s primary business is bariatrics and we know it inside and out.

Secondly, the program is developed 100% by bariatric medical professionals. We’ve contracted advisors in the areas of Bariatric Surgery, Psychology, Nutrition, Exercises, we have received consulting from Nurse Practitioners, Nurses and Bariatric Patients.

Thirdly, we stand 100% behind our Money-Back-Guarantee. If you go through the program and after 30 days you decide it’s not for you, no problem. Let’s part as friends.

We like to call this “Special Snowflake Syndrome.” It’s when we believe something about our lives is so unique that we are unable to be helped. Our goal is to help you see that this is untrue and that it’s simply an internal excuse not to join.

The material in the course has been used for decades directly to the patients of the course instructors with bariatric patients from all walks of life. Left-handed, brunette, blonde, tall, dark…

The material works, but if you truly believe it can’t help you please don’t join!

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, get in touch.

We’re happy to help.